4 Ways to use the Stress Buster page from The Positivity Planner

4 Ways to use the Stress Buster page from The Positivity Planner

The undated Positivity Planner isn’t just like any other planner. It comes with so many new features on top of the weekly, monthly and yearly activities. It has so much more at every step of the way! You can check out more about the planner here.

Among its many wonderful surprises, The Positivity Planner has a Stress Buster page where you can vent out all of your pent-up negative energy so that you can leave them behind and move forward with peace.

Sometimes no amount of venting to best friends or doodling or walking helps clear the mind. Be it a bad day at the office or an ugly fight with someone, talking just doesn’t cut it. In those moments, you only want to take out all of your anger and frustration in violent ways. But you don’t want to lose your mother’s favourite vase or your brother’s cricket bat or your mobile phone in that process, right?

So instead, you can take all of those overwhelming emotions, put them down on the Stress Buster Sheet as words, doodles, etc., and destroy each of those annoying emotions and memories in ways that are more fun and satisfying to the soul!

Below are a few ways in which, after penning down your anger or pain onto the sheet, you can choose to get rid of the negativity from the planner and from your mind.


     . Burn

Tear off the sheet from the planner, pick up a matchstick, a lighter or a candle and set that little memory on fire. As the words turn to ashes and to thin air, so will the weight that was taking up too much space in your mind.


       . Poke Holes

Don’t let that negativity poke holes into your life and make all the good things you’ve got slip away. Instead, poke away at each letter until it completely vanishes from your sight and from your mind!


        . Scribble On It

Scribble over the words, scratch each letter out until nothing but a dark shadow remains of everything that caused you stress. Remember being a child holding chalk for the first time, scribbling away happily? Let that child come out to play, so that the adult in you can find solace in your new art. Scribble away to your heart’s desire!


   .   Crush 

Once you’re done writing or doodling away, crush the ugly  memories with full power ! 


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