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Surprised by how good it was, really worth the price it's a solid 8.5/10, only issue was it took over a week to arrive


This is my second time ordering a phone case from coveritup they never disappoint me delivery was done within 4/5 days
Look at pictures below 🤩Great Work! Y'all 🙌


Amazing case, I recommend 👍🏻

Bro this looks cool man

Bro sheeeesh if u love desk mats then u gonna buy it gg good product

I am so HAPPY

awesome hoodie ... i never expected this is going to 200% perfect for me ... i am gonna buy this again for my family

Beyond Expectations.

I'm not the kind of person who generally writes reviews, so hear me out. I've been using this case on my Redmi Note 8 for a couple of years and it has been great. I've dropped the phone countless number of times and it always escapes without even a mark. But what made me write this, is the fact that my phone fell out of a running train onto the railway track. As the train's next stop was an hour away, it took me more than 3 hours to get off the it, catch another train back to where it fell of, and look for it. To my shock, not only did I find the phone, it was still ON, Everything worked, and all I had was a shattered Tempered glass. Yes, the case had lost some of it's corners, but the phone was still unmarked. Would highly recommend the case to anyone. Great stuff !!

Worth It

Going to give a 5 star as I got Justice League hoodie in Mystery hoodie.
Easily saved 200 bucks there.
Product is cool as always, as I already bought Spidy, Deadpool, and basic hoodies also from here

Going with 4.5

Going with 4.5 as I have some issues with it's dimensions. Else would have given a complete 5.
Anyways awesome stuff😎🤙🏻

Customise Your Desk Mat
Pankaj Prajapat

It looks so crazy look🥵, Thanks alot mahn

My Go to Hoodie Brand🖤

I have been ordering hoodies from coveritup and they are just the best. Strongly recommend to try them out

Nice quality

Nice Product.

Product is good. But slightly different from it's image, but overall it's a good product.

Perfect Hoodies

One stop for all kind of your hoodies. Really like the personalised hoodies and the quality is top notch.

Good quality

The product is as expected,the quality and size.perfect fit.I love shopping from ciu because of their products,quality,price and offers

Superb 👌

I bought this hoodie yesterday and for me it’s worth for the money.👍

Awesome, Look

Cover was nice, i hope just the font was better.

Customise Your Desk Mat
Samarth Bhatia
Great Product

The colors are much better than expected, i had made a blue and pink cyberpunk themed image and the quality is good.
I've uploaded the original image and a photo for comparison (ofc it depends on my camera and lighting too, the colors are more saturated than in the photo).
I had made my image to the required size but for some reason, the print has some extra borders (they made it the same color though).
I wish it had stitched edges.

Absolute good product

When I first opened the packet,it looks really attractive.specially the gold foil's quality and texture is really good.One of the best hoodie i have ever seen. #COVERITUP

Great Desk Mat

The design and surface is really good, only problem for me is the size. It’s a bit small for my use case. Hope they offer more sizes soon, like 90x40cm or bigger.

Harry Potter Playing Cards
ravana harshavardhan
One of the best!!!

At that price point i can’t even say anything, it was perfect

Amazingly curated product

I have got this as a gift. 💜
As a friends fan i am so much in love with this playing cards. Highly recommended merch.
If you are a friends fan you must have this!!
@coveritup thank you so much!

Friends Playing Cards
Abhayinder Singh
Quality cards

Crisp cards. Loved them totally . Had fun playing with the bois 🙌

Awesome tee

The material is good plus the cost I got it for was ultimate . Completely satisfied with the purchase Coveritup doing the best work as always


I LOVE THESE CARDS THEY ARE OF VERY FINE QUALITY AND AT VERY ECONOMICAL PRICE ..the same kind of cards costs a lot in other brands and also there are very gud designs of SLYTHERINE GRYFFINDOR RAVENCLAW and HUFFLEPUFF .i just love death eater sign slytherine card and raveclaw DIADOM card ..i cant get anything so nice in that price ...its a must buy product ...azkaban wizard youtube channel ... YouTube video placeholder