5 Products in The Positivity Kit

5 Products in The Positivity Kit

Cover It Up has always been big on pop culture. The goal is to create products that bring more joy and spirit into people’s lives. This time, a sprinkle of positivity has been added to the mix to give you a whole new collection of cool stationery items meticulously designed to make them more fun as well as functional for you!


 The Positivity Kit comes in 5 themes such as,

  1. Animal (Yellow)
  2. Fantasy (Purple)
  3. Food (Orange)
  4. Space (Blue)
  5. Travel (Green)

to fit different kinds of personalities. So there’s a wide range for you to pick from!

The Positivity Kit is designed in a way that will help you organise your time, relax and rejuvenate, be more mindful, and productive and overall find more positivity in your everyday life.

Each Kit comprises of


  1. Undated Planner
  2. Mini Desk Calendar 2023
  3. Memo Pad
  4. Quote Cards
  5. Vinyl Laptop Stickers

Based on the theme of The Positivity Kit, the planner cover and the vinyl laptop stickers vary for each kit. Eg: A Space-themed kit has Blue Space cover on the planner and Space-themed Vinyl Stickers.

 Undated Planner:

On the outside, the Undated Planner comes with a specific colour cover for each Kit Theme. On the inside, it comes with many cute surprises like 

Yearly Activities:

  • A Manifestation Page to help you visualise your dreams and achieve them with gusto!
  • A Bucket List to make a list of all your goals for the year and strike them one after another.
  • A Letter To Self sheet which you can write on and store in a secret Back Pouch in the back of the planner so that your future self can always come back and connect with your present self.
  • A Certificate of Appreciation, so that you start the year not looking for approval from outside, but from within!
  • A Photo Dump Page to put up all the wonderful memories throughout the year.

Monthly Activities:

  • An Affirmations Page and A Scratch Card with an ‘act of kindness’ message at the beginning of each month to start off the new month with a fresh dose of positivity.
  • A Goals Sheet to keep track of your goals and targets for each month.
  • Gratitude Questions that help you realise and remember all the good things in your life in the recent month.
  • A Stress Buster Sheet where you can go to vent out all the pent-up negative energy so that you can leave them behind and move forward with peace.
  • Some Doodle Space so that you can draw, sketch or doodle whenever and wherever and not let that creative energy go to waste!

Stickers Sheets:

  • Sticker Sheets are filled with adorable little stickers that you can use to decorate your planner, desk, etc.
  • Emoji Stickers that add a fun vibe to your stuff.
  • Reminder Stickers to keep track of urgent and important tasks.
  • Days of the Week Stickers to go along with the specific notes.

The planner is designed to help you plan your time - every day, week and month more effectively, in a way that suits you best!

Mini Desk Calendar 2023:

The Mini Desk Calendar 2023 is designed small so that it’s easy to carry with you anywhere and to fit the limited space on a work desk! It adds more colour and fun vibes to your workstation any day!

Memo Pad:

The Notes App does not come close to the real deal of writing stuff down and crossing them one after the other. Don’t worry, Cover It Up’s got your back! The To-Do and To-Buy lists on the travel-size Memo Pad are there for you to jot down stuff on the go and get them all done like a star hustler!

 Quote Cards:

Some days all you need is a good dose of positivity to help you get back on track and face every challenge. Why look for it outside when you have these 20 Quote Cards cheering you up along the way every day? These Reminder Cards can go up on your wall, be used as bookmarks or wallet cards, or root for you from the sidelines of your work desk!

Vinyl Laptop Stickers:

5 charming Vinyl Laptop Stickers come with the kit that you can use to style up your space & laptops while conveying to the world all about your chill, quirky vibe!

Based on the theme of The Positivity Kit, the stickers vary. You can choose the theme that best suits your personality!

The Positivity Kit is the perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones to start the new year with a note of radiance, positivity and structure, taking the right steps towards a brighter, better future!

Shop for your favourite Positivity Planner Kit here.

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