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Zack Snyder's Justice League - The True Fan's Dream

Zack Snyder's Justice League - The True Fan's Dream

The wait is over at last! The most awaited DC enterprise of all time is finally here, streaming online from 18 March 2021! Zack Snyder's Justice League is out now on online platforms such as BookMyShow Stream, Hungama Play Tata Sky in India. 

More than a DC enterprise, ZSJL is a legacy from Zack Snyder to his fans from across the world. It was a long-awaited achievement for Snyder and his fans.



In mid-2017, Snyder stepped down from his role as the director of the Justice League. The director announced that his decision to step down from the project was for personal reasons - that he needed time to grieve the loss of his young daughter and be with his family. But it was more than that.

Without any consideration or respect for Snyder's loss and pain, the studio and the producers pressured him to either finish the project or step down. Once Snyder left, they made Joss Whedon director for the rest of the project. They made the world believe that Whedon was going to complete Snyder's vision.

zack snyder

When fans came to know about this twist in the story, they weren't happy about it, especially with the way Snyder was treated in the end. And when the movie released in late 2017 under the direction of Whedon, it was clear it was not the product of Snyder anymore. The project Snyder had spent several months working hard to create had been taken apart in huge chunks, disrespecting the director and disappointing the fans.

Fans got so frustrated at this point and launched into a fit of rage at the Warner Bros Studios and at DC for not only disrespecting such a great director by making him step down but also for dishonouring his work and turning it into something unrecognisable.

This led to mayhem online when fans protested against this unjust and rallied on social media platforms for justice for Zack Snyder and his work. They petitioned for the production and release of Snyder's version of the Justice League. Soon Zack Snyder himself joined the movement along with the actors and crew members of the Justice League. 

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In the process of bringing Snyder's Justice League to life, the fans and well wishers of Zack raised more than 750k dollars for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention as a gesture of support in the wake of the Snyders' family tragedy. 

 usunitedjoe usunitedben

usunitedray usunitedjason

After more than three years of expectations and struggles, Zack Snyder finished editing his original vision of Justice League in early 2021. Four hours long, the movie is everything the fans have ever wanted! 

zack and crew

Which one do you like better, Justice League (2017) or Zack Snyder's Justice League? Which was your favourite scene in ZSJL? Tell us in the comments!

Any donation to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is welcome and even the smallest of contributions will be appreciated! Click on the link above and save a life today!

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The thing is that when Snyder stepped off and his replacement came in, his replacement modified the movie in his OWN way. Once Snyder came back to shoot his OWN Justice League, the excitement had already gone.

Gokul das

Gokul das

He is amazing when i knew about his loss the first time I was feeling for him… Just an amazing creator… The wizard



The wait was worth it!!!! Finallyyyy ❤💥

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