5 Amazing Tips To Protect Your Phone From Damage

5 Amazing Tips To Protect Your Phone From Damage

What is the one thing that is always with you? The one thing that is of utmost priority and very necessary in day-to-day life? That’s right, our phones!



These gems save up our time while trying to get a cab, buying groceries, from boring conversations and keeps our loved ones close to us despite the geographical distance! Where would each of us be without our phones? Probably lost, quite literally!




If you have ever lost your phone, to water, gravity or the notorious backseat of a cab, then surely you know how painful and traumatic the whole experience is. It’s worse than running into an ex at the supermarket (although that’s just as much painful).




Now, none of us wants to go through that terrible pain of losing a beloved one again. So here’s a list of ways you can prevent that situation from ever happening.

(Oh, we were talking about your phone. But if you have a solution for the other uncomfortable situation, please tell us, the world wants to know!)

1. Screen Protector/Scratch Guard:

The display is the most important part of the phone without which the handset is useless. The smooth glass is fragile and easily damaged. It is also too expensive and sometimes, hard to replace.

Now, we surely don't want to damage the display. The best way to avoid damage and protect the display is with a good scratch guard. This way, neither the visual experience nor phone display protection is compromised!


2. Cover It Up!

 We cannot emphasise more on the importance of phone cases! As busy and hurried as we are in our lives, each of us tends to drop our phones once in a while - off the desk, or while driving or holding four things with a single hand, or square on the face while lying down.

Although wearing a helmet while lying down is not ideal; putting a good, sturdy case on your phone is so easy! What's more, you can also flaunt your style with a dashing case! Maybe a Superhero case to protect your phone from all the evil and dark forces. How about a Glow In The Dark Neon Sand case or an LED case or a Lumos case to easily locate your phone in the dark? Or a Thala Dhoni case to show your Yellove this IPL season?!



3. Extreme Temperatures

 Extremely hot or cold temperatures can affect your phone and weaken its battery. Avoid leaving your phone on hot or sunlit surfaces and overcharging your phone. Avoid charging your phone for more than a couple of hours. It goes without saying not to charge your phone or any electronic device overnight. 


4. Conscious Care

Often times, our phones wouldn't get so damaged if we were more careful. Plugging in for charging in a hurry leads to damaging both the charger and the phone. Putting coins and phone into the same pocket might lead to scratches. Not to mention that calling an ex is harmful to both your mind and your phone. 



So handle your phone with care. Be more careful the next time you charge your phone, mindful of the contents of the bag you put your phone into and hand over your phone to a friend when you start missing that “someone”.

5. Keep Them Dry!

Many phones these days are made to be water-resistant to a certain level. To stay on the safer side, avoid dropping carrying them when to get into the pool or other water bodies. Carry your phone in waterproof or water-resistant bags. Avoid leaving the phone on the table where drinks are being served.

That’s all we’ve got, folks! We're all ears if you’ve got any tips for us. See you in the comments!

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